You are the Point

Everybody has wondered somewhere along the way: what’s the point? Well, it turns it, it’s entirely you.

Carving your name in a tree. Stepping foot along a cobbled street in Verona. Adopting a cat. Teaching a friend the saxophone. Making a stranger a cheese sandwich. Recording a chart-smashing global hit song. Purchasing a pair of penguin-patterned fluffy socks. Leading an entire country. Taking your nan out for a chinese. Completing a man-vs-food challenge and getting your face pinned up on the restaurants wall-of-fame. Landing on the moon. Drawing a picture of the moon in chalk on a pavement. All these things.

To remain amongst the stars forever, stored endlessly beside colourful planets and glowing moons. Because happiness flows freely from those doing what they love with those that they love, and it travels to all corners of every universe ever.

No matter what; you happened. The specific particles of stardust arranging themselves so delicately, so perfectly, to create you, right here and right now. Your blue eyes, you cravings for marshmallows, your obsession with Rick and Morty, your affinity for tennis. The things you love, the places you love, the people you love. Everything that means the most. This combination, your story, written in the stars. And there doesn’t need to be a tangible stamp. A floral banner pinned between a comet and a spaceship, swaying softly in space. Every giggle, every forkful of pasta, every fingerprint on a bannister, that’s you. Your energy.

Each moment, tiny and gargantuan alike; unique and infinite, you’re an entire universe. Every moment of you.

I imagine in a parallel universe I might be a caricaturist or a botanist or somewhere asleep on the moon — but here, I am a writer.

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