Wow, then clearly it was no mistake that the only rap I have ever learned in this lifetime is a Spanish one. And that the Best Bolognese of my life was derived from Menorca™. And that I too have a personalised keyboard, with a dedicated (and frequently used) ™ function (which I have rebranded. More on that in the next episode). Clearly I put the "bread" into "Spain" (as in; pain. Which is French. Which I am not. I couldn't be more British if my mom's womb was actually just a teabag).

Thursday Tom Hanks is by far the best Tom Hanks. Good choice. I'll settle for Cillian Murphy, a pencil lodged in his windpipe, a flat-cap stuffed with razors resting lopsidedly on his head (spoiler alert to where I'm from), any early weekday.

Ah! You found me! Pretty impressive considering I am nothing more than a myth. Though you're rather elusive yourself. Our most tangible manifestations seem to be here, in these comments, so it will be intriguing perhaps, to transition....

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