Parallel Universe – Night Trip

“What if we could go anywhere?” Michael asked me.

My fingers were on the dashboard, tap tap tapping constantly. He was making me nervous and he knew it. There was too much choice and it was driving me crazy.

Midnight had come and gone and yet the skies dark shade hadn’t moved an inch. We were deep into night time and it was only the beginning.

“Well?” He added, trying to hurry me.

We were sat at the traffic lights, the only car in sight. It had been on green for a little while now but he hadn’t even begun to drive, instead waiting for me to respond.

“Fine, ok,” I gave in, “go right.”

And like that we were off, nought to infinity in two seconds flat. The road was spread wide out in front of us and the lights of the cities ahead were scattered in the distance like the noticeably absent stars in the sky. Nobody was about, undoubtedly doing the sensible thing at this hour and sleeping.

But not us.

Not tonight.

Not then.

We were heading in any direction I chose, our destination beginning and following with ANYWHERE.

Michael had wanted to do this for ages, but there had always been an early morning waiting for me. So patiently he brushed it aside until I had no more excuses and only free time to spend on the open road.

“Just one night,” he would ask me, “just one night can we just head straight out the door and keep going until we find something beautiful, something extraordinary?”

His eyes were tired when he asked me that. It was something he had dreamt of doing for as long as I had loved him, and that was a brilliantly long time. There was no way I could deny him something so simple, so sweet, merely for wanting a few extra hours of sleep.

“Of course,” I replied and like that I knew the night would be his favourite time of day.

Back here in on the journey the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon and bursts of warm morning colour sparkled through the windscreen.

Michael was driving with his eyes, full of passion and power and set on finding treasure. It was that moment in which I was reminded that I had already found mine.

“Thank you,” he whispered, to me or to the blurred scenes passing by I couldn’t tell, “I couldn’t love you more than I do right now.”

Regardless of who that was meant for, I smiled. Maybe it was because Michael reached over with his free hand and took mine in his. Or maybe it was because I knew that it was so worth it. I knew that those hours of sleep I wouldn’t get couldn’t have brought me a dream as sweet as being so close to him, seeing him so happy.

And as the new day rose, I was already looking forward to the next night on the road.

It seemed that night was beginning to be my favourite time of day, too.

I imagine in a parallel universe I might be a caricaturist or a botanist or somewhere asleep on the moon — but here, I am a writer.

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