Parallel Universe — Little Grey

It’s a little grey outside today. The trees are bare and the road outside is silent. Peaceful. I’m not sure if there just aren’t any clouds or if the sky is made from them, so completely that they all blend into the day. In just one moment, a snapshot, it could be any day of the week, anywhere. A simple morning when the sun hasn’t quite woken up yet and home is where everybody wants to be. It’s a picture that could be replicated, a thousand times over.

But what you don’t see in the picture are the neighbours across the road who have just brought their new baby home. Or the waitress around the corner who has been given the day off. And the little girl at the school across town who has just received the best grade in biology she has ever gotten. It’s more than just a grey day for them. It’s a day where the sun couldn’t shine any brighter and the breeze was welcoming. Where the birds sounded like they were cheering them on. Maybe grey wasn’t how they saw it. Maybe it was every colour, turned up to full.

It was a grey day when Michael first told me he loved me. And then all of a sudden it was like I was at the centre of the sun. The sky was dull on the day that I realised, for the first time, what I wanted to do in the future. And then suddenly I was flying through a night full of stars.

It was a cold day yesterday, somewhere, and it was somebody’s birthday, wedding, graduation, somewhere too. It might be raining on the day that you finally realise you are in love. It could be a grey evening when you are handed the keys to your brilliant new home. It could be dark and damp and grey and quiet any day, even on days you love the most.

And there will be many more grey days scattered amongst the blue skies and the calm oceans. There will be many more downpours amongst the heatwaves and the snowfalls. There will be fog and wind and silence throughout the clarity and the noise. And behind it all the sun will be watching until it’s time for the moon to take over and for the stars to appear.

But no matter how grey it is and no matter how long it lasts, it will always be beautiful to those who let it.

— —

It’s a little grey outside today. The trees are bare and the road outside is silent.

And the world is alive.

I imagine in a parallel universe I might be a caricaturist or a botanist or somewhere asleep on the moon — but here, I am a writer.

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