Life is Like a Reel of Unseen Footage (You Know, That Famous Saying)

A Two Hour Film; A Years Worth of Unseen Bits

We love films.

Universe rescued? Check!

In a matter of minutes (120 or so, to be more precise) you’ve been presented with another realm, one that’s been designed exquisitely, perfect in all the right places, gritty in all the others. A snapshot of an existence where everybody is the hero. Pretty bad-ass, I know.

Everybody wants to be in the movies. What we don’t often realise is; we are.

Think about it. A film — kind of like a well-planned Instagram page — is the outgoing product. The output. The result of a constant stream of stuff. The two hours of footage we pay £7 for (or less if you whip out your Meerkat Market code — and no, this isn’t a paid for advertisement. Not for a lack of trying) is a combination of months of behind the scenes work. Unseen footage. Hours in meetings and make-up chairs and rehearsals.

And since when was that a derogatory thing? We’re human, guys! We’re full of complex emotions, possibilities and energy that blossoms along our skin. That’s incredible! Sorry extraterrestrials, but yes, you heard it here first. We’re only — and proudly — human.

So don’t panic. Don’t let it flood over you like rainwater from a leaky drainpipe. Just remember: every Oscar-winning, visually explosive, memorably-momentous film is a product of its components. A combination of ups and downs and scrapped reels of footage. It’s full of lengthy rehearsals and complicated equipment. It’s full of new and unfamiliar people who, soon enough, become your people. It’s full of bloopers and cut scenes and an abundance of hard-work.

This film – much like a book, much like your story – is made up of these intricate and important pieces. The successful movie showcased to the world. But to those working on the project, it’s not about the end result. It’s the process, the journey, the experience. That’s what matters.

So don’t just strive for that glass-panelled office overlooking London in its entirety. By all means, do strive your ass off. But don’t just do that. Enjoy your journey up to that top floor. Appreciate every office you venture through, every co-worker who smiles at you in the lift. Whether you’re offered executive position tomorrow or in twenty years. Appreciate the present day. This very moment.

I imagine in a parallel universe I might be a caricaturist or a botanist or somewhere asleep on the moon — but here, I am a writer.

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