I think you can purchase a vial of Peter Pan Syndrome™ from eBay? I mix a couple teaspoons in with my kale smoothie each morning. I think you'll love it.

Well holidaymakers travel to holiday homes. Prisoners get sent to prison. So, by rights, villains must venture to places of villainy. I think I'll feel quite at home. (Oh and tell your thugs to message me - NOT CALL - when they're ten minutes away from my house. I'll stick the kettle on).

But anyway. I think we've learned from today that I am already pretty cocky. It won't be long before I'm paying your rent in exchange for you casting me as not just this lead role - but also the role of Drugs.

P.S. I'm not going to make this thread exchange easier for you OR any of our fans. And so: I've hidden some Easter eggs (or perhaps snowballs?) for you to hunt. Seeing as though you're not too busy replying to me, right?


I imagine in a parallel universe I might be a caricaturist or a botanist or somewhere asleep on the moon — but here, I am a writer.

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