Don't get me wrong, I'll abuse most things. Won't even bat a heavily-lined eyelid. But cookies? That's where I draw the line (again, on my eyelid). Only version #476861258 would even dare think of such things. She's a blast at a carvery, though.

Yeah but the Tuesday smirk is the one you bear to the entire Earth. It's the 3am Thursday morning pursed lips that tell the truest story. Still though, you're right. I need me some top tier visuals. Sign me up for wars as long as they're enacted in front of some grande European library and each of my fellow soldiers are tattooed in white ink. Will probably string some fairy-lights around my rifle.

But anyway. A professional explorer? Prolific in analysing Twitter content? A true Coder Columbus, you are. I guess no compelling adventure begins without the first step. And, as it turns out, what version #476861258 and I have in common is our stubbornness. We'll wear platform Doc Martins (fake. We're also both poor) weighted down by several hundred Toblerones before we dare lift that first foot.

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