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Emily Wilcox

27,301 Yahoo emails and none of them from Robert Pattinson, sigh.

Any excuse to show off my space wall, you know?

What Am I?

When she’s not busy snacking, that is. And sometimes during.

Stop using external praise as a currency — you’re already richer than you know

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Existence isn’t renewable and even Amazon is out of stock

Photo: Ava Sol/Unsplash

The way I look is ruining my life

Image by author of author. Flabby and recently stabby (check that arm tattoo).

How to wreck, ravage, destroy it — and why you need to

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash


The first draft, four steps removed — that’s how you find your writerly groove

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Forget getting started — this is how you stop

Photo by Sam Xu on Unsplash

Writing is just one literary bowel movement

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Your glass isn’t half empty nor half full. Your glass is just a glass.

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

Emily Wilcox

I imagine in a parallel universe I might be a caricaturist or a botanist or somewhere asleep on the moon — but here, I am a writer.

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